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Backstreet Boy Ties Knot

Wedding bells for Backstreet Boy band member, and we are talking about no other than A.J. McLean who over the weekend tied the knot to his long-time girlfriend Rochelle DeAnna Karidis. A.J. and Rochelle met several years ago, and in January of 2010 the couple engaged and took the next step, and it wasn’t until this weekend that the couple finally decided to become husband and wife and start the holiday season and the New Year as husband and wife.

The nuptials took place at the Crystal Lawn at the Beverly Hills hotel. We are assuming that his band mates were present at the nuptials to give them their well wishes. The nuptials first took place outside at the hotel’s gazebo that had white hydrangeas decorated all over the place. What a great way to have your ceremony surrounded by flowers and your closest family and friends. We don’t know what famous fashion designer did the bride wore, or did the happy couple decide on a small and romantic wedding, but we are certain that she looked radiant as well as the groom did on their special day and all of their special wedding plans.