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Rolls Royce Phantom Towed Away

A white Rolls Royce Phantom was towed away in London yesterday because it had no tax disk or insurance, the phantom is worth over £300,000 and the ministry of transport towed the car away. The phantom is a car which mainly can only be enjoyed by the wealthy and being the super rich owner who owns the vehicle it is thought there will be a hefty fine for him. He had no tax or insurance and the car was parked illegally on double yellow parking meaning the car simply shouldn’t of been in this place and that is why the car was towed away.

The police said the car makes no difference just because you have a Rolls Royce Phantom doesn’t mean you can park it where you want or you cannot put your car through the insurance books. The police said he will now have to insure the car and with the Phantom costing as much as it does it is thought the owner isn’t going to be too chuffed with this.

The Rolls Royce even had a bottle of Dom Perigon inside the champagne cooler, probably ready for its owner later.