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Wedding Weight Loss

The couple were so determined to get in shape for their big day they decided they would do it together and that they did losing almost 20 stone between them for their big day. John Butler said he had always wanted to lose weight before his big day but never really thought it would happen to this extent. The pair motivated each other all the way through and when they were feeling like giving up one person would pick the other up and they would get straight back on to it. The bride to be Kate Bonwick lost almost 12 stone going from a massive 24 stone to 12 stone quite some achievement. They both shed the pounds and said they both felt absolutely amazing on their wedding day. 23 stone builder John went from a big 23 stone to 15.5 stone. They both said they love each other no matter how big they might be but they both wanted to get in shape for their wedding day and it always nice to feel and look good.

The day was really magical and the church was beautiful we couldn’t off asked for a better day, now we are full of confidence and shall be staying this way in the future.