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Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe Hire


Everyone knows the name Mercedes-Benz and the brands logo is easily recognisable, this is all due to the pure class and excellence that comes from its models and one of those models is easier to access than you may think if you are considering taking on car hire from Krystal Group soon. The Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe is just one of the cars on their books and if you are looking for a classy vehicle for that luxury shopping trip or night out then you need not look any further.


Driving excellence


The Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe was a great hit with consumers and media when it first came out and those positive comments have lived up to the hype with a lot of happy customers. The 6.2 litre engine with turbos gives it incredible speed and the build quality is top of the range, steering especially handles well so that you can keep good grip on the roads when you are taking it to the limit. This along with its plush interior makes it perfect for that long motorway drive to your next meeting, you will be able to relax and let the car do most of the driving. Krystal Group have a range of luxury vehicles on offer and you would be mad to miss out on one of these for your next car hire purchase.


Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe for special occasions


The comfortable interior and stylish exterior allows you to make a grand entrance in this car whilst looking grand yourself. With Krystal Group you can hire this car for almost any occasion from a wedding to a school prom to an airport transfer or a shopping spree in the city with your friends. The opportunities are endless and will get you exactly where you want to be. Should you have a car-loving partner who you want to surprise you could arrange the hire of a Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe for the day to take them to their favourite attraction or a new hideaway where you can spend some quality time together, who knows maybe this car will drive you to your proposed proposal destination or take you on a day trip the two of your will never forget.


Krystal Group try to ensure all customers are catered for and offer a great customer service should you be unsure of which car to take on your day trip, be sure get in contact if you wish to discuss the Mercedes C63 AMG Sports Coupe further.