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Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon

The Mercedes E-class is world renowned for its quality and style and is synonymous with executive class. Opting for any car from this class will give you an extra edge for any business event or finish off any special occasion in style. Krystal Group prestige car hire include the Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon in their range as they believe in the quality of the brand.

The executive feel of the Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon does not mean it can’t be enjoyed by other types of people. It can be enjoyed informally for attending parties, big anniversaries and even airport transfers if you’re feeling flash. How do its specs stack u?

The Mercedes E63 AMG Saloon boasts a 5.5l twin-turbo V8 engine which offers a smooth, seamless drive with 0 to 60 achieved in just 3.6 seconds. It also utilises some of the most high-tech Mercedes developments including safety features such as Collision Prevention Assist. This helps ensure a safe drive even if you reach higher speeds.

The E63 is one of the most high-powered saloons on the market and it allows people to enjoy all the comfort of a saloon with more gas, more power and an energising ride. The car provides the exact facilities required for every environment from a whip around the race track to busy urban streets and winding country roads.

Whatever the occasion you’ll enjoy unparalleled luxury and comfort with the E63. Feel a surge of confidence as you sit behind the steering wheel and you can be sure your passenger or passengers are able to relax and unwind as they sink into the plush interior.

If you’re looking for something more sleek than traditional consider the Mercedes E63 for your wedding or if you’re simply hoping to surprise the car lover in your life then this car packs a punch too.

Visiting delegates to your company can relax as you show them around the local area and hiring a Mercedes E63 from Krystal Group is bound to make a good impression on any potential new customers when you arrive to meet them for the first time.

The corporate class this car exudes is palpable and it holds pride of place as a market-leading saloon car and a popularchoice in the Krystal Group fleet.