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Special Occasions

"Krystal's will meet your need for any occasion and make it a special occasion!"

Show the one you love just how much you really care by booking a limousine to transport you for a trip to remember. Relax behind the privacy screen in the sheer luxury of one of our magnificent limousines. We can arrange for flowers and/or chocolates to be placed in the car for you (for an extra charge).

Let us know what you are celebrating and we will make it the best one ever!

Don't just let the adults have all the fun spoil the little ones too! Show the ones you love just how gentle you are by booking a limousine to transport them for a journey to remember. Imagine their faces when they are picked up in a super stretched limousine… Just for them - It's priceless.

Imagine them relaxing behind the privacy screen in complete luxury; watching everyone else staring at them as they cruise past the restaurants, shops and streets, enjoying complimentary non-alcoholic bubbly or soft drinks served from the onboard champagne bars. We can arrange for flowers and/or chocolates to be placed in the limousines (for an extra charge upon request).

Let them bring a camera along (with parents consent), our chauffeur will happily take a photographs of your group with your limo at a choice location before setting down at home or at a party venue.

We also cater for surprise trips, airport excursions, anniversaries, religious celebrations, valentines day, christmas parties, London nights and other festive occasions. At krystals we believe in being involved within every festival and without a doubt it is an exciting time not just the younger generation but also the elders. We believe everyone should be involved in celebrating the good so the festival roots are not forgotten.

So what are you waiting for contact us on 0800 316 6567 or click here and get an online quote now.